Top 10 Advantages of Staying on Rent in 2021

Top 10 Advantages of Staying on Rent in 2021

Should we stay on Rent or go for our own home? has been a million-dollar question for a long. This has been a hot topic of discussion or thinking of individuals. This is very difficult to tell directly to anyone as expert advice without evaluating the status of the person who is asking this question. Most of the time it completely depends on case to case basis.

Take an example of a coin it always has two sides. If someone ignores the other side and takes any decisions based on one side there is a 50% probability that the decision will not be perfect and it can not be standardized. If someone can not visualize the other faces of a coin it never means that another face does not exist as it is always there.

Everything in this world having its advantages and disadvantages. So staying on rent or buying own home both are having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Making a decision to go with what needs personnel requirement analysis, the financial status of a person and many other things to be considered to come to conclusion.

Let us come back to our main topic which is the top 10 advantages of staying on rent in 2021. As both questions are contradictory so if we say these are the advantages of staying on rent it simply means those are the disadvantages or overburden associated with owning a house.

Let’s focus on the top 10 advantages of staying on rent in 2021. Below are the top 10 benefits of rent housing.

Top 10 Benefits of Rent Housing in 2021

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Job Mobility

Rent Housing is way much suitable with Job Mobility. For example, if someone starts a job in the private sector he will definitely not sure where he would be in the next five years so he can not go ahead with owning a house in so early stage of his life due to uncertainties.

Career Opportunity

Rent Housing is more suitable in terms of career opportunities. For example, if someone starts his career in Bangalore and if his company or any other company assigns him any global project owning a house may be lead to miss career opportunities.

High Living Standard

Rent housing is suitable to maintain a high living standard without heavy investment. For example, if someone earns lacks per month his loan eligibility will be approximately 50 lacks. He can roughly purchase 50-60 lacks flat in a normal kind of apartment whether if he want he have the option to live in high-class societies on rent in this budget of more than crore valuation property.

Maintenance Cost

No maintenance cost to bear not referred to as monthly maintenance cost it is about other maintenance costs associated with owning a home or apartment. Charges like house tax or periodical building maintenance apart from monthly maintenance like the painting of apartment etc.

Locked Investment

Rent housing is not blocking any investment except security deposits which is way too little to be considered when talking about owning a house or apartment

Rent Flexibility

Rent Housing is having a Rent Flexibility Facility means you have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade based on your requirement

Liquidity Issues

Rent Housing is not having any kind of liquidity issues as compared to owning a house or flat. 

No Loss

No major loss associated with Rent Housing as compared to owning property either home or flat.

No Limitations

Rent housing provides tenants no limitations.

Peace of Mind

Overall Rent Housing leads to Peace of Mind as you will get cooked food and you have to enjoy leaving all tension and worries on the owner. Someone has to suffer but that is not the tenant it is always the owner.

So we have seen the top 10 benefits of rent housing in 2021. It is described in fewer sentences. Each point you can visualize in more detail. But these are the top 10 benefits of rent housing in 2021. There may be other benefits as well based on different scenarios. For instance, renting industry has been badly impacted due to the covid situation. Many building owners are at a loss as they are not getting tenants. Work from home become new normal so many companies started considering shrinking their workspaces and allowing employees to work from home as it has been tested almost year now.


That`s it about the top 10 advantages of staying on rent in 2021. As I said earlier there is no definite answer to the main question staying on rent is always better as compared to owning a home because just understand if it is the perfect answer then who are the owners how they have owned the home and now renting. The world might not be having any home so whether renting concepts even not born.

But considering the current market and trend renting is a feasible solution and it is suitable for most people especially working professionals. Many working professional works aways from their native. That is a global trend and job mobility and career progression are best suitable with rental housing.

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